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Topic: How to reset the board

Hi every body,
after assembling my scale and installing the electronic part, I could get access to the admin panell (
I configured it and made an update. After the scale has rebootet every thing looked fine and so I removed the jumper from the config mode.
Next day I had to recognise, that there must be a failure in my config. The scale didn't connect to my router and couldn't find the monitor server.
So I tried to get again into the config mode. But my neiter my Ipad nor my notebook could get access to the scale.
It looks like if they connect to the internal wifi, but they couldn't open the admin page.

My idea is, to reset the panel. I saw, that the jumper has on the other side of the config-mode a "flash mode".
Is this the option the reset the board? And could I connect after a rest to the admin panell (

Thank you for your help


Re: How to reset the board

Hello Michael,

I am not a developer of the scale, so take this as an advice only.
I did experience some troubles to load up the admin page too.
You can try to disconnect the battery from the board, wait 10 seconds and plug it back. Then try to access the admin page. Hit CTRL-F5 on your notebook if the page is not loading properly.


Re: How to reset the board


in the meantime I answered to Michael directly by email.

For information to anybody else :

There is no specific reset procedure other than removing batteries.
I would advice to let the jumper on config mode when you do that : it empties the capacitor much faster (otherwise RTC doesn't reset properly).

You don't need to play with jumper on flash side. This is for initial flashing when there is absolutely no program on the board, normally it's made once by us. It may be useful if for some reason we brick the firmware update, but you'll need an UART adapter.

Could you check batteries voltage?
Let the jumper in config mode, try to remove batteries and put it back.
Connect one single device at a time.
I'm also wondering if a large amount of wifi networks around are not an issue. Is this the case where you are?

To investigate if the wakeup works fine, in config mode, click on the 'file editor link'. All the config and log files used by the board are accessible. Don't modify files unless you understand what you do.

For exemple, file bootlog.txt :
wakeUpByRTCAlarm tells if boards wakes up automatically, or by config mode jumper.

06-08-2018 17:08:02
wakeUpByRTCAlarm : 1
sendingMode : wifiHotspot
switch off 06-08-2018 17:08:13

06-08-2018 17:09:02
wakeUpByRTCAlarm : 1
sendingMode : wifiHotspot
switch off 06-08-2018 17:09:09

06-08-2018 17:09:16
wakeUpByRTCAlarm : 0