Topic: Temperature ?

Hi Pierre
Is it a way to obtain temperature data without a Lora or Sigfox  interface ? Can I connect a Lora or Sigfox module (don't remember wich one has a temperature sensor) to my board (wifi one) but without activate the RF part of these RF module ?

Re: Temperature ?

It's possible to use the connector for RF, where you have UART (for modem) but also I2C, perfect for HR/Temp sensor. And of course 3.3V supplied only when board is awake.
So on the hardware side, it's easy to plug a DHT22/11.
Next time I order PCB, I can also make a new one to adapt properly the DHT22/11 4 pins, but for a single board, not a problem.

On the software side, it's not a huge amount of work, just have a find a time slot to do it.
When done, I'll post here.