Topic: Sigfox module broken?

So, I have contacted Juan and Pierre by mail like one month ago, but no answer so far.
I guess their email put my messages to spam folder..?
I will copy paste the content of the emails here, then can respond here. Nothing to hide there...

First one Sep. 27th:

Hello guys,

I have a problem with the electronics in the scale I guess.
I am unable to get Sigfox ID/PAK for the scale.
I have clicked the button several times, disconnected/connected battery (fresh), but still no go. Jumper in config position.

I am asking you to replace the electronics please.

Let me know please....

Second one Oct 20th


I gave it another shot the other day.
The Sigfox module is not working, NO ID/PAK

Asking for replacement please.

Scale no.: 12778982

So, please respond with reasonable solution please.

Thank you,

Re: Sigfox module broken?

Hello admins,

any thoughts on this please?
Several months passed already, I would like to continue to use the scale.

Can you manage to ship the module please?
I am open to any proposal.

Please respond.
Thank you,

Re: Sigfox module broken?

Well, still no answer.
Normally, when I pay for some product I get two year warranty.
Not the case here I guess.

Re: Sigfox module broken?

Can the hive join an existing wifi access point that I have at my home?

Re: Sigfox module broken?

I see you said you were ordering more scales.  Do you plan on selling more scales?  Thank you