Topic: Order?


Can you please update me, what is going on with my order?

Best regards
Peter Lukan

Re: Order?

Hi Peter,

Juan should have answered by email. Sorry for the delay, beekeeping keeps us (very) busy.


Re: Order?

Hi Pierre,

Please be aware, that 3 weeks ago I have sent you all the money and until today I did not get nor any mail nor any update regarding my order.

I understand that you have busy life, but If you cannot provide timely response and you cannot produce scales in some normal timing, then ... I don't know why are you offering them.

I have ordered scales because I want to use them. I have paid them 100%, but on your side there is no response. What should I do? What would you do if you were on my side?

Im waiting for your response!

Re: Order?

Hello Peter,

As told by email, we're very very late, and we didn't even take the time to communicate about it. Again, we're sorry.
Parcel is on its way.


Re: Order?

Hello Pierre,

Thank you, package received 3 days ago. ATM everything ok.  Have managed to assembly one scale together.

Thank you again, and appologies for any troubles.