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Topic: Hand-made balance?


First of all, thank you Pierre and Juan for sharing the plans for your design.

I imagine you have opted to laser-cut the components you sell for speed and repeatablity.

For those, like me, that don't have a access to a laser cutter, do you think it would be feasible to cut the metal parts by hand with a hacksaw and make fine adjustments with a file? I notice in a post elsewhere you write of the need to deburr laser-cut steel parts by hand, so I imagine this would be much the same.

Also, would a drill press be necessary for the holes, or could those be aligned by hand (and drilled with a power drill, of course...)?   

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Re: Hand-made balance?


it will be difficult to create exactly the same structure without a laser cutter, especially for small parts.

However you can take inspiration from our structure to achieve almost the same thing.

A drill on column allows more precision.

If you want to create your own structure I advise you to make the structure with wood as we did on our first models. the results were very good.

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