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Hi every one
first "warm" days in France (~Grenoble) and my 3 Hives are begining to wake up smile
I'm using the OpenhiveScale since October 2018. It was very usefull for me (I'm a beginner)  during automn to evaluate the food stock and the action of syrup feeding.
The scale was also helpfull :  the real weight gave me a reference factor between a "classical measurement" done with luggage scale (on half of the Hive). This factor was used to evaluate the weight of the 2 other Hives.
But, does any one have experience or knowledge by using the Hivescale to correlate the weight  and the Hive life ? what kind of  information other than the food stock ?
Does one of you have any measurment to prevent swarming ?

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Hello Charles,

there is a discussion in the Hiveseyes Community about the correlation between swarming and the scale readings.
The original post can be found here:
Good, no google translator:

The conclusion is: different hives behave different in preperation of a swarm. Some stop collecting nectar days before the swarm, others don't.

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Thank you !
German is my native langage smile