Topic: Smaller counter weight


I am considering, to use openhivescale as weight for an observation hive, and i am wondering if i coulis replace the counterweight with one with a fifth of the weight of the standard counterweight, to Get a better precission/resolution. The hive on the scale, would newer weigh more than 25 kg.


Re: Smaller counter weight

Hello Carsten,

In theory yes. But...
Without other modification than a lighter counterweight, you won't be able to do the tare without weight on the scale. The beam is not balanced without counterweight. We placed the knives so that with 500g counterweight we could find the balance.

Two solutions, put a dead weight to make the tare, or modify the position of the knives (which is not that easy, you'll need to drill new holes)
Having a dead weight should not reduce precision/sensibility, probably the best way.

You can even place the dead weight directly on the beam near the motor, and fix it.