Topic: LoRaWAN


have you ever thought about a LoRaWAN version for the scale?


Currently, the board we prototyped is a single board with sigfox modem.
But as I started to think about having a GSM version, it appeared clear that the strategy will be to have on one side  a main board, (with esp8266 (main mcu+wifi), Power regulator, rtc, motor driver, and optical endstop entry), and "daughter" board plugged in. Kind of the idea of arduino and shields, but simplified. 

The interface between both would be simple : 
- tx/rx serial uart
- +3V3 regulated when board wake up

Doing this way, it'll easy to make variants. We can produce the main board by hundreds, and make à single prototype with engraver to test this or that modem, including lorawan of course.