Topic: Asembly // placement of motor endstop

I have assembled my scale but I cannot find any information on the placement of the motor endstop sensor. I followed the assembly manual and checked the according videos but do not seem to find it. In video 20 the sensor cable is connected but the sensor itself is already placed. Maybe its mentioned, but I only watch the actions and do not understand the french comments smile
It would be nice if someone could help out or send some images.
thanks a lot!

Re: Asembly // placement of motor endstop

Hi, the motor endstop sensor has been removed because it is considered unnecessary smile

Re: Asembly // placement of motor endstop

Hello Manuel,

as explained by Olivier, motor endstop is not currently used. But we plan to make the missing parts to use it, and send it to everyone.
In short, it'll allow to detect step loss, for software compensation, or to guarantee the measurement quality.