Topic: Forum first post!

I'm interrested about the mechanical part of the project. When will the drawings be available on github?
Interrested too in a french speaking section on the forum...

Re: Forum first post!


I was wondering if it was a good idea to have many languages on a forum, where discussion may interest non french-speakers.
I created french and spanish sections... but well.

Drawings are already available, link to github is in the 'DIY' section.

I did my CAD with openscad.
It's free, so this is cool. But it's CAD for programmer. I never managed to do what I can do with openscad with other wysiwyg like freecad.

Download openscad, get the sources, try to open it, and tell me.

Also, the sources on github are not yet 'cleaned up'. Still all variables name in french, and a big lack of comments, and some dead code here or there.

And last, we built 3 prototype before designing this one. And this one was optimized to make a version than we can produce in series, to sell it.
But for a full DIY, I think the previous versions we did were easier for a single.
You can check also the website of the openbeelab, where they put freecad drawing of the scale they built, which was based on our precedent version.
Main difference is that it was steel tubes, welded.  And counterweight was moved with a screw. Which is not the best solution.

The last version we did, we moved to timing belt.... much better.