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Copy parameters.scad, functions.scad, standardParts.scad files to "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\OpenSCAD\libraries". Then make a new .scad file anywhere. Copy the following code into the file, save, then open it with openSCAD, and render: 

include <parameters.scad>
include <functions.scad>
include <customParts.scad>

laser206(); //this line render the laser206 module (see: customParts.scad)
//this line is a comment

//laser101(); // if you want rendering this part, remove "//", and write it before laser206(); else both will be rendered. Try another .scad file. Like standardParts.scad. Search a module, like module stepper28BYJ() {.... } Make a new line before or after, and paste (without quotation mark): "stepper28BYJ();" Then Render.